Where to Get Packing Boxes for Moving

Packing Boxes for MovingWhen it comes to the big move, whether it is down the street or across the country, it is extremely important to protect your personal items by using packing boxes.  Breaking picture frames and dishes is not a hard thing to do when you have to figure out how to consolidate your entire life into a small moving truck or two.

When you are moving on your own, and trying to save a few bucks at the same time, the problem arises when the decision needs to be made on the best place to obtain packing boxes for moving.  When I was in college and it came time to pack up my dorm for the summer, I legitimately went dumpster diving at a local Papa Johns for some free packing boxes (or stolen; however you want to look at it). Desperate times call for desperate measures people.  If you have ever been a poor college student, perhaps you can understand the thoughts behind my desperate actions.

If you aren’t looking to take the dire route, because either you have dignity or a few dollars to spend, you can go purchase packing boxes for moving at the store.  However, you are going to end up paying a pretty penny.  Storage companies usually mark their prices up incredibly high to take advantage of the people who are utilizing their storage facilities and realize the need for a box for certain items once they are there.  It is easier for them to just purchase something on the spot in that situation.  Kind of like when you would go to Blockbuster (may it rest in peace) and you suddenly realized your need for every type of candy and popcorn ever created when you were waiting in line to rent your movie.  Office supply companies also sell overpriced boxes.

This leaves us with two options: dumpster diving or ordering boxes online.  PackagingSupplies.com is a convenient website where you can order a multitude of moving supplies as well as packing boxes. They sell small, medium, and large packing boxes in packs of 10, 20, or 25.  This brings the price down to as low as less than a dollar per box.  Unless you fall asleep and wake up in the 50’s where Coca Cola is still 5 cents a pop, you aren’t going to find prices that affordable anywhere else.  You will end up saving a good amount of money from skipping out on the storage company, and you won’t end up with pizza sauce stained clothes at the end of your move.  It’s a win win situation.


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