Disposable Food Containers Make Things Easier

Disposable Food ContainersRight now, all of you super green people are probably trying to pick up your jaw off of the ground.  I am sorry if it got bruised, but deep down in that tree hugging heart of yours you know that the title of this is true.  Disposable food containers really do make your life easier. Let me give you a real life example.  (Names have been changed for privacy purposes.)

Susan, although a really nice gal, was always going on the latest fad diets.  “OMG,” she exclaimed in the office lunch room.  “You guys HAVE to watch the documentary Vegucated!  I am currently on a meat eating strike.  Unless it comes from the earth I will not eat it.”  Patricia immediately rolled her eyes as she popped another chicken nugget in her mouth.  Susan continued to pull out a glass container full of every rancid smelling vegetable possible mixed together into one large vomit looking casserole.  Each person in the lunch room knew by looking at each other that they were all thinking the same thing; they were desperately praying that Susan would not do what they hoped she would not do.

But sure enough.  It happened.  The vomit casserole went into the microwave.  The putrid smell permeated the office immediately.  The custodian six floors above them was later overheard at the water cooler talking about how he thinks an animal got stuck in the AC vent and possibly died.  Not only did the vegetables go in the microwave, but the container that Susan brought them in sat next to the sink for the remainder of the day.  Susan, as socially unaware as a person can possibly be, did not wash her dish until it was time to go home.  No one else in the office had the guts to do it either.  The smell of broccoli and asparagus lingered in the building the rest of the day, and each employee hoped that this fad would last as long as her juicing fad did after watching Forks Over Knives; no more than two days.  If only Susan had brought in a disposable food container, she could have thrown it away and spared the nostrils of her colleagues.

Although disposable food containers are just that, they really make things easier when it comes time to pack up food for on the go.  You don’t have to worry about clean up, and you can recycle them to appease your crunchy granola friends.  Head to PackagingSupplies.com to find the best quality disposable food containers for the best price, and choose between four different options.  Maybe even get really optimistic and purchase them for Susan’s Secret Santa gift this year.


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