A Carton Stand for Organizational Purposes

Carton StandAny packing company understands the need for organization. It is extremely easy to misplace items such as tape, scissors, boxes, and so on.  The last thing you need are a bunch of unhappy customers because their items didn’t arrive when you told them they would arrive.  It is so easy to happen when proper organizational methods are not being implemented.  The A boxes that are set out for delivery next Tuesday accidentally end up in the B Boxes bin because they were sprawled out messily on the desk.  The B Boxes don’t arrive until the following Tuesday, and Tina needed her crockpot because she had a chili cook off.  The chili does not taste the same if cooked in a normal pot.  She was really counting on the gift card she would have won (because she always wins chili cookoffs) so she could use it to go visit her lonely uncle Ted up in Wisconsin.  She calls and reams out your company for not shipping her crockpot in time and blames you for her awful chili and even lonelier Uncle Ted.

Do not let a situation like this happen on your watch.  Keep your office organized so your supplies are easy to locate and your boxes make it to the right bin for shipping.  A carton stand, although you may not even know it exists, is an awesome invention that will save your tail and keep the TInas of this world happy.  Carton stands were designed to save space and keep your desks organized. At PackagingSupplies.com you can purchase carton stands made out of steel, and they come with 5 dividers.  They measure 44” x 18” x 26” so they will fit a wide array of box sizes.  Keep them on your desk to keep your boxes organized until proper postage has been applied.  You can also keep them in your shipping station to keep your shipping schedule organized.

Not only can you order carton stands at PackagingSupplies.com, but you can also stock up your packing company warehouse with many other shipping supplies.  There are thousands of items to choose from.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to go.  If you place your order before 1PM EST, they will be shipped out the same day.  The friendly customer service team is eager to answer any questions you may have.  Keep your supplies and boxes organized to give your customers the satisfaction they deserve.


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