Expensive vs. Cheap Moving Boxes

When it comes to purchasing moving boxes before your cross country trek, you have to decide how much money in the budget is allotted for them.  If you are like most people, you probably do not have a budget.  However, that does not mean you still don’t like to save a buck or two. I’m going to give you a few words of advice, so listen up kids.  Do not, I repeat, do not waste your money on expensive moving boxes.

Say you go to FedEx, UPS, USPS, or a moving company/storage facility to purchase your boxes.  You are likely to pay around $10/box and that is just for a standard small box.  That does not include specialty boxes to fit unique items such as lamps, golf clubs, dishes, etc.  And how many boxes does it take to move?  That’s a lot of money to spend on boxes.  Especially if you are a hoarder.  (You never know these days.)  The most unsuspecting of people are usually hoarders.  Don’t discount them, however.  Although their house might gross you out, you better believe they have a good selection of ugly Christmas sweaters for this year’s party.

There are so many other affordable ways to obtain moving boxes.  You can throw on an old outfit and peruse the dumpsters behind department stores.  (I may or may not have done this in my life).  You can ask friends if they have any lying around. You can find them on Amazon or other online retailers.  There are creative ways to find cheap moving boxes without spending an arm & a leg.  The best place, by far, to obtain cheap moving boxes is PackagingSupplies.com.  They have a selection of so many different types of cheap moving boxes: standard packing boxes, dish pack boxes, picture frame boxes, lamp boxes, stereo boxes, and golf boxes.  Those types of items can be hard to locate in a store.  And just because they are cheap does not mean they aren’t good quality.  The boxes found on this site are actually extremely durable.  The company is geared toward 100% satisfaction, and they pride themselves on providing good quality products.

Take my advice, and do not waste your money on retail moving boxes.  Do your wallet and make believe budget a favor and pay wholesale prices at PackagingSupplies.com.  This way you will have money leftover to spend it on the things that really count; such as $5 foot longs on your cross country move.


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