Where to Buy Packing Peanuts

Packing PeanutsHave you ever received a broken or damaged item because the sender packaged it in a box that was too large?  What a let down, right?  If only they had sent it in a box that fit the item better, or cushioned it so it was not rattling around its entire journey.  Packing peanuts are ideal for situations like these.  They eliminate movement inside the box during transit, and protect your items from all sides in order to make sure your goods arrive to their final destination without being damaged.

The problem, however, is where to buy packing peanuts at an affordable price.  It is not every day you see bags of packing peanuts in the aisle at Target or Walmart.  Obviously they sell them at shipping stores, but come on.  I am not going to pay $25 for a bag of seahorse shaped foam.  (Because lets be honest, they look nothing like peanuts.)  One time I was finally up to the counter at USPS ready to send my camera to Canon for repair. The problem was, there was extra wiggle room in the box and I did not want to pay an arm and a leg for the peanuts or other cushion materials they sold. (I was already having to pay $200 for a repair from my husband dropping the camera on accident!)  So I looked in my bag, and what did I have?  That is right, baby diapers.  I shoved baby diapers into the box to keep my camera from getting broken.  I would have loved to have seen the look on the camera repairmen’s faces when they opened the box.

Having packing peanuts on hand prior to sending things in the mail would be extremely useful.  Don’t you think?  Then you wouldn’t have to waste your baby’s diapers, like me!   You can buy packing peanuts at PackagingSupplies.com for an extremely affordable price.  They come in bags of 7, 12, and 20 cubic feet.  You can choose between white, recycled green, anti static pink, or cornstarch biodegradable.  The bags of packing peanuts are as little as $16.10 each.  If you order before 1PM EST, they will be shipped out the same day.  This is because they keep 98% of their items in stock and ready to ship.  Buy packing peanuts from PackagingSupplies.com and be prepared the next time you have to send a package.


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