Why Choose Foam Pouches?

Foam PouchesWhen packing and mailing items you want to be careful to do it in a way that will best protect whatever it is you are mailing.  What is the point in spending a bunch of money printing photos and then getting them framed if the frame is going to end up scratched, or even worse in a hundred pieces by the time it arrives?  It is a moot point. Of course you are going to go the extra mile to take care of your goods, and tuck them in nice and tight before their traveling adventures.

There are all sorts of materials that will provide cushion and protection from your products.  However, which product is best for which item?  Say you are mailing your nephew that foam football you have been dying to get him so the next time you visit you actually have something fun to do.  You probably aren’t too concerned about what will happen to it on its trip.  In that case, a basic box with maybe a few packing peanuts or extra paper to fill in the gaps will do the trick.  If you are mailing something like a cell phone, you probably want to provide a little extra cushion, and in this case a padded mailer would be ideal.  If, however, you are mailing something a bit more delicate, such as a picture frame or some type of glass (maybe a piece of serve ware) you most certainly want to use a foam pouch.

A foam pouch provides even more protection than a padded mailer or bubble wrap because it fits closely around the product and will prevent corners and edging from being damaged as well as prevent surface scratches.  You can use the foam pouch and then insert it into a bubble mailer or use bubble wrap for extra protection.  At PackagingSupplies.com you can purchase foam pouches made from 1/8” thick, low-density polyethylene designed to specifically cradle your product. They can be taped or heat sealed shut to make sure nothing will slide out during transit.  You will get excellent customer care and affordable pricing (order in packs of 75, 150, 275, or 500) when ordering from PackagingSupplies.com.  Place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be shipped out same day.  That is because 98% of their products are in stock and ready to ship and they are geared toward 100% customer satisfaction.


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