Kraft Bubble Mailers to Keep You From Being Ripped Off

Kraft Bubble MailersNothing irks me more than when I feel like I’m being taken advantage of by a company so they can make a few extra dollars.  One example is when I go to get my oil changed. I have experience going by myself as well as with my husband.  100% of the time when I go by myself, the people tell me I need to spend X amount of extra money on all of these things that are suddenly wrong with my car.  When I tell them that I’m not going to spend the money on that, they lay on the pressure even harder and almost make it impossible for me to say no.  However, when I go with my husband, they do not lay the pressure on a single bit.  Now suddenly my car runs perfectly and doesn’t need the $150 of extra materials it needed last month?  It must be somewhere in Jiffy Lube’s contract to lay on the selling pressure especially to people who look like they don’t know a thing or two about vehicles.

Another example is when you go to USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  When you ship a package, the entire weight of it will determine your price.  You know when you go to get FroYo and they deduct the weight of the container from your total weight?  Maybe you did not know. But now you do, so go ahead and go for the extra scoop of cookie dough next time.  They do not do this for you at a shipping company.  Not only do you spend an arm and a leg on the mailing package itself, but then you get to pay for it all over again when they weigh your package.

I have found a solution for those of us who do not care to be ripped off.  And that solution is kraft bubble mailers.  Kraft bubble mailers are 60-70% lighter than paper padded bags. Like hello people! It’s a no brainer.  Kraft bubble mailers can be ordered at and you can choose between 11 different sizes.  You purchase them in packs of 50, 80, 100, 200, or 250.  The company is basically giving them away at their prices.  Head to for light weight kraft bubble mailers, and keep yourself from being ripped off the next time you mail something.

Where to Find Cheap Packing Boxes

Packing Boxes for MovingFinding cheap packing boxes can be a bit of a tough feat, especially if you need a bunch of them for the big move.  Last time you popped in to say hi to your Uncle Eddy, who works the front desk at the local Self Storage store, your jaw hit the floor when you saw the price tags on the packing boxes.  Cheap would be the opposite word you used to describe them.  People must save up for months just to buy foldable cardboard.  Is the cardboard laced with real gold flakes?  Is it stain resistant? Water resistant?  Nope.  Just retail priced.  The self storage store is just doing their thing, trying to make a few bucks on their poor unsuspecting customers who need an extra box to store their things in.  There must be a better place to obtain packing boxes without requiring you to sell a body part or donate plasma.

Luckily for everyone besides Uncle Eddy, there are other retailers that sell cheap packing boxes.  And the best part is, you do not even have to brush your teeth, apply makeup, or figure out what underwear to wear in order to get them.  You can order them right from the comfort of your corduroy la-z-boy during a re-run of Seinfeld. is a website that offers over 5,000 unique, hard to find packing supplies.  The best feature of the packing supplies is they are affordable.  They sell anything from bubble wrap, to painting tape, to poly tubing dispensers, to cheap moving boxes. Anything you can dream up, you can find it there.

The packing boxes at can be purchased in three different sizes.  Yep, you guessed it! Small, medium, and large.  The small boxes are ideal for office supplies, paperwork, and books.  The medium boxes will fit your kitchen items and small appliances perfectly.  And the large boxes are reserved for your clothes, towels, and other larger items.  Although they may be cheap packing boxes (average less than $1/box), they are made out of extremely durable cardboard (sans the gold flakes) and you can trust your items will arrive safely from A to B.  The site offers an excellent customer care team to answer any questions you may have.  The greatest feature of the site is that 98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship!  So pop that foot rest out of your la-z-boy, keep on watching Seinfeld uninterrupted, and have your cheap packing boxes delivered to your front door from

Expensive vs. Cheap Moving Boxes

When it comes to purchasing moving boxes before your cross country trek, you have to decide how much money in the budget is allotted for them.  If you are like most people, you probably do not have a budget.  However, that does not mean you still don’t like to save a buck or two. I’m going to give you a few words of advice, so listen up kids.  Do not, I repeat, do not waste your money on expensive moving boxes.

Say you go to FedEx, UPS, USPS, or a moving company/storage facility to purchase your boxes.  You are likely to pay around $10/box and that is just for a standard small box.  That does not include specialty boxes to fit unique items such as lamps, golf clubs, dishes, etc.  And how many boxes does it take to move?  That’s a lot of money to spend on boxes.  Especially if you are a hoarder.  (You never know these days.)  The most unsuspecting of people are usually hoarders.  Don’t discount them, however.  Although their house might gross you out, you better believe they have a good selection of ugly Christmas sweaters for this year’s party.

There are so many other affordable ways to obtain moving boxes.  You can throw on an old outfit and peruse the dumpsters behind department stores.  (I may or may not have done this in my life).  You can ask friends if they have any lying around. You can find them on Amazon or other online retailers.  There are creative ways to find cheap moving boxes without spending an arm & a leg.  The best place, by far, to obtain cheap moving boxes is  They have a selection of so many different types of cheap moving boxes: standard packing boxes, dish pack boxes, picture frame boxes, lamp boxes, stereo boxes, and golf boxes.  Those types of items can be hard to locate in a store.  And just because they are cheap does not mean they aren’t good quality.  The boxes found on this site are actually extremely durable.  The company is geared toward 100% satisfaction, and they pride themselves on providing good quality products.

Take my advice, and do not waste your money on retail moving boxes.  Do your wallet and make believe budget a favor and pay wholesale prices at  This way you will have money leftover to spend it on the things that really count; such as $5 foot longs on your cross country move.

A Carton Stand for Organizational Purposes

Carton StandAny packing company understands the need for organization. It is extremely easy to misplace items such as tape, scissors, boxes, and so on.  The last thing you need are a bunch of unhappy customers because their items didn’t arrive when you told them they would arrive.  It is so easy to happen when proper organizational methods are not being implemented.  The A boxes that are set out for delivery next Tuesday accidentally end up in the B Boxes bin because they were sprawled out messily on the desk.  The B Boxes don’t arrive until the following Tuesday, and Tina needed her crockpot because she had a chili cook off.  The chili does not taste the same if cooked in a normal pot.  She was really counting on the gift card she would have won (because she always wins chili cookoffs) so she could use it to go visit her lonely uncle Ted up in Wisconsin.  She calls and reams out your company for not shipping her crockpot in time and blames you for her awful chili and even lonelier Uncle Ted.

Do not let a situation like this happen on your watch.  Keep your office organized so your supplies are easy to locate and your boxes make it to the right bin for shipping.  A carton stand, although you may not even know it exists, is an awesome invention that will save your tail and keep the TInas of this world happy.  Carton stands were designed to save space and keep your desks organized. At you can purchase carton stands made out of steel, and they come with 5 dividers.  They measure 44” x 18” x 26” so they will fit a wide array of box sizes.  Keep them on your desk to keep your boxes organized until proper postage has been applied.  You can also keep them in your shipping station to keep your shipping schedule organized.

Not only can you order carton stands at, but you can also stock up your packing company warehouse with many other shipping supplies.  There are thousands of items to choose from.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to go.  If you place your order before 1PM EST, they will be shipped out the same day.  The friendly customer service team is eager to answer any questions you may have.  Keep your supplies and boxes organized to give your customers the satisfaction they deserve.

Disposable Food Containers Make Things Easier

Disposable Food ContainersRight now, all of you super green people are probably trying to pick up your jaw off of the ground.  I am sorry if it got bruised, but deep down in that tree hugging heart of yours you know that the title of this is true.  Disposable food containers really do make your life easier. Let me give you a real life example.  (Names have been changed for privacy purposes.)

Susan, although a really nice gal, was always going on the latest fad diets.  “OMG,” she exclaimed in the office lunch room.  “You guys HAVE to watch the documentary Vegucated!  I am currently on a meat eating strike.  Unless it comes from the earth I will not eat it.”  Patricia immediately rolled her eyes as she popped another chicken nugget in her mouth.  Susan continued to pull out a glass container full of every rancid smelling vegetable possible mixed together into one large vomit looking casserole.  Each person in the lunch room knew by looking at each other that they were all thinking the same thing; they were desperately praying that Susan would not do what they hoped she would not do.

But sure enough.  It happened.  The vomit casserole went into the microwave.  The putrid smell permeated the office immediately.  The custodian six floors above them was later overheard at the water cooler talking about how he thinks an animal got stuck in the AC vent and possibly died.  Not only did the vegetables go in the microwave, but the container that Susan brought them in sat next to the sink for the remainder of the day.  Susan, as socially unaware as a person can possibly be, did not wash her dish until it was time to go home.  No one else in the office had the guts to do it either.  The smell of broccoli and asparagus lingered in the building the rest of the day, and each employee hoped that this fad would last as long as her juicing fad did after watching Forks Over Knives; no more than two days.  If only Susan had brought in a disposable food container, she could have thrown it away and spared the nostrils of her colleagues.

Although disposable food containers are just that, they really make things easier when it comes time to pack up food for on the go.  You don’t have to worry about clean up, and you can recycle them to appease your crunchy granola friends.  Head to to find the best quality disposable food containers for the best price, and choose between four different options.  Maybe even get really optimistic and purchase them for Susan’s Secret Santa gift this year.

Life Changing Entertainment: Bubble Wrap for Sale

Bubble wrapBubble wrap.  Some might argue that it is God’s greatest gift to man.  Some might say that it changed their childhood life for the better.  However you want to view it, I think we can all agree that bubble wrap freaking rocks. Has anyone ever had a bad experience with bubble wrap? I literally do not think it’s possible.  An hour with bubble wrap is equivalent to a day at Disney World.

The problem with the stuff is that it is never just lying around the house.  Bubble wrap is something you typically only get to encounter on special occasions: when you get a package in the mail, when you have to mail a package, before you move, etc.  Getting a package in the mail is the ideal time to encounter bubble wrap because then you can just let your bubble popping fingers go to town.  If you’re using it to mail a package then you can’t have any popping fun because you have to secure whatever it is that you’re shipping.  {How lucky that person receiving the package will be.}  If you are moving, you have to practice delayed bubble popping gratification to make sure your picture frames do not get broken.  If you pop them before wrapping, that is the last time your mom will ever trust you with it and you may never get to enjoy the satisfaction that popping bubbles brings again.

What if you ever just want to have bubble wrap just for the sake of having it?  I mean, it obviously can come in handy for so many things.  Not just for mailing items.  Personally, because I have moved so many times, I’ve had different houses were there aren’t enough spaces to hang certain things and I have to temporarily store them until the next move.  Bubble wrap is an ideal way to make sure things don’t get broken.  However, where do you find bubble wrap for sale? No one ever wants to go to the post office, even to mail something, because I mean come on. No need for explanation.  That leaves us with one option: order it online! sells bubble wrap at the lowest price possible.  It is only $9.99 for an entire roll, up to 175 feet long.  That basically equates to a solid month of entertainment for the kiddos.  When you see bubble wrap for sale, you will never think the same way again.  Not only is it an incredibly useful thing for moving and shipping, but it is also provides life changing entertainment.  Just make sure you do not waste all of your money on it at overpriced stores! Have it delivered directly to your house, and shipped out the same day if ordered before 1PM EST!

The Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap Bags

Shrink BagsThere is a reason plastic is the most widely used material in the world.  Not only is plastic used in car parts, toys, furniture, utensils, refrigerators, and many other items, it is used to protect items as well.  Grandma had it right when she covered her couch in plastic.  Thanks to the braniacs of the 21st century, protective plastic has been formulated for use in a number of ways, including shrink wrapping.

Shrink wrap bags protect important items from wear & tear of storage.  Think about how much nicer your childhood books would have been kept if they would have been shrink wrapped prior to storing them in the shed.  Shrink wrap bags are also extremely beneficial when protecting food before freezing.  They say that it is important not to have air in with the food when freezing because it will prevent freezer burn as well as maintain the best possible quality and freshness of the food.

Large companies understand the benefits to using shrink wrap bags when preparing their items for shipping and distribution.  Think about medical supplies, tools and devices.  Many of those items have to be sterile prior to use.  Shrink wrap bags are an extremely effective way to ensure the safety of these items.  The shrink wrap will also protect from weather and water damage during transportation.  The last thing that business owners want to deal with is having to redistribute more products for free because of the items arriving broken or damaged due to their long trip from China.  Additionally, shrink wrap bags will keep the items in one place during transportation or storage.  This will protect from surface damage caused by things such as straps or tarps.

An excellent place to obtain shrink wrap bags is at  Not only will you be able to find anything else you could possibly need when packing and shipping, but you will be able to choose from a wide variety of shrink wrap bags.  There are 11 different sizes, and they come in quantities of 100, 250, or 500.  If you order multiple packs, you will cut down on costs even more.  You will be getting the best possible shrink wrap bags on the market due to the quality PVC shrink wrap film.  Do not wait until your items are too far gone to protect them before storing or shipping.