Aluminum Food Containers Are Where It’s At

Aluminum Food ContainersI am going to spend the next three minutes of your life convincing you why aluminum food containers are better than freezer bags or plastic containers.  So pop the popcorn, get comfy, and read on.  First of all, I have one word for you: plastic.  Plastic is in everything.  According to the latest research, plastic contains synthetic chemicals such as BPA & PVC that release toxins when heated up.  Plastics containing these chemicals are linked to cancers, defective immune function, obesity, early onset of puberty, ADHD, and diabetes (Diah-bee-tus).  Even if all of this is balongna, you just never know.  Might as well steer clear.

Second of all, aluminum is extremely versatile.  Not only can you use it to store your food or freeze your food, but you can cook your food in it as well.  They work with both hot and cold foods.  No need to wait for it to thaw and unattached from the plastic bag before you can throw it in the oven for dinner.  You can pre make your meals, freeze them, and then they are ready for you to save time when Jordan’s soccer practice runs late.  You do not have to worry about losing them or if they accidentally got thrown away because they are disposable and extremely affordable.  You can practice your green thumb by recycling them too.

Last of all, aluminum containers can be easily purchased from  They are 7”, round and come with a cardboard lid. It is only $79.05 for a pack of 200 containers! That, my friends, is a steal. is an online retailer with over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies as well.  So when you are done ordering your aluminum food containers, you can search through the easy to navigate site for other items such as moving boxes, painting tape, and bubble mailers.  They pride themselves on their customer service team who are always eager to help and answer any questions you may have.  98% of the items are in stock and ready to go, so if you order before 1PM EST, they will ship out the exact same day.  At you will find the lowest prices around.  Time to  cut back on your use of harmful plastic and get with the program, because aluminum food containers are where its at.