Why Masking Tape Dispensers Are a Good Idea

Masking Tape DispensersMasking tape is most commonly used when painting (i.e. interior walls, exterior walls, auto body, etc).  It is made of thin, easy to tear paper with an adhesive that allows you to remove the tape without leaving any leftover residue on the surface in which it was applied.  Different grades of masking tape are used depending on what project is being done.  High grade tape is generally used by contractors for interior paint, because you can paint right up to the tape and when the tape is removed, very clean lines are produced.

Have you ever gone to use masking tape for a painting project and you did not have a masking tape dispenser?  First you have to find a clean surface to set your painting brush down on.  Next you have to locate the roll of tape.  Then you have to try and find where the end of the tape is on the roll (which for whatever reason can be an incredibly difficult task).  Lastly, you have to try and use your fingernails, if you have any left after the stress this will cause you, to peel the tape off so you can use more.  You then have to either bite it or tear off the tape with your fingers and the result is never a nice straight line.  It is usually a jagged, slanted edge and you end up wasting a bunch of tape this way.  If you have never been in this situation personally, let me tell you, it is a frustrating position to be in.

Masking tape dispensers are a brilliant invention and a good idea to use when working on a painting project.  They are there to remember where the roll of tape is for you.  The dispensers are a lot harder to misplace than the roll of tape themselves.  They hold the tape for you, and you never have to search for the end of the tape in order to peel it off.  The best part about masking tape dispensers is the serrated blade on the end that allows you to cut the tape in a perfect line.  Head to PackagingSupplies.com to shop between three different sizes of masking tape dispensers, two of which can hold multiple rolls of tape.  At the end of your painting project you will have saved yourself much frustration and kept all of your fingernails in tact.